BooBoo 1.1.7

Started by troutsneeze, Jan 24, 2023, 08:42 PM

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BooBoo 1.1.7 has been released with a lot of optimisations. The main issue appears to have been function call overhead, which has been addressed in a few patches.

On the benchmark, with the circles reduced to 1 and 4 pixels in radius to deemphasise drawing expense, these are the results (this is in real fullscreen mode, which I found to be much faster):

BooBoo: 2300 FPS
Lua: 2300 FPS
C++: 3000 FPS

So while this benchmark doesn't mean much, it does show that BooBoo is fast enough for a lot of things at least. It remains to be seen if it is actually as fast as Lua (a proper benchmark would need to be written, but there is a lot of low level things that can't be done with BooBoo anyway, without adding library) or if it could be made faster.

The binary is available at
Source code is at