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Started by goob256, Nov 19, 2022, 08:04 PM

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The following games having similar build instructions:

Monster RPG 2
Crystal Picnic
Monster RPG 3
Tower To Heaven
3 Crystals

Eventually this post should cover how to build these games.

Prebuilt dependencies for all of these games can be found at There are dependencies for Android and Windows here. On Linux, the package manager is your friend.

On Windows you will also need the DirectX SDK from Before you install it, uninstall any Visual C++ 2010 redistributables from the Windows add/remove programs or it will fail to install.

Starting around Monster RPG 3, the build system is not made for anyone else's use and needs to be fixed. C:\Users\trent\code is assumed to be where everything is located. If you were to put Monster RPG 3 in C:\Users\trent\code\monster-rpg-3 on your system, and you had Visual Studio 2019 installed and the deps unzipped into C:\Users\trent\code\lib and C:\Users\trent\code\include, then adding C:\Users\trent\code\monster-rpg-3\tools\batch_files\build\windows to your path and running cbia.bat should build the game and place it in C:\Users\trent\code\m3. There are a couple more steps though. You have to create that directory (C:\Users\trent\code\m3) and you need compress_dir (from, or built from source) in C:\Users\trent\code\compress_dir.

AshEdit, Monster RPG 2, and Crystal Picnic don't use this batch file system. Using Monster RPG 2 as an example, at a command prompt enter the monster-rpg-2 directory, create a directory called build and run cmake with the paths to the dependencies. For example:

cmake .. -DUSER_INCLUDE_PATH="C:\Users\trent\code\include;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\include" -DUSER_LIBRARY_PATH="C:\Users\trent\code\lib;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Lib\x86"

Then run msbuild /p:configuration=Release monster-rpg-2.sln to build it. Newer games can be built the same way, but you need to build TGUI/Shim/Wedge as well.

Android games can be built with Android Studio.