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It probably goes without saying, but this guide is full of spoilers.


Crystal Picnic is a short but sweet action RPG with real-time battles. This guide will help you achieve 100%.


In battles, timing is perhaps the most important part of strategy. Try to attack while on the move, stun the enemy and attack again when their invincibility expires.

The most important items to stock are Health Vials and Dirty Socks. Dirty Socks revive a "dead" player. Health Vials heal 10 health points. Even though you can get up to 21 health, I find the smaller Health Vials to be the best buy, just buy lots of them.

The game features special attacks which can be bought with crystals and cost magic. Special attacks don't help much in completing the game but they can be a lot of fun. Items that restore magic aren't that useful because you gain magic back over time anyway. Bats in the last section of the game take away all your magic and some HP when they attack you.

Max Attack

Max attack can be gotten by equipping the Sledgehammer and Garden Gloves on Frogbert. The Sledgehammer is in Stone Crater and the Garden Gloves are in Old Forest.

Max Defense

Max defense can be gotten by equipping the Hockey Mask and Coveralls. The Hockey Mask is in the Queen's room in the castle and the Coveralls are hidden under tree cover in the path to Old Forest (Pyou2 below.)


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